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Canon EOS 650D 18-55 IS II Digital Camera (Black)

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The Canon 650D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lenses is a high-end entry level camera. The new Canon EOS 650D is therefore the fruit of quite a complex trade-off. The camera body itself hasn't changed much, although access to the video mode has now been moved to the main on/off control (off/photo/video), which means it can be used in PSAM modes. Another change to the video mode is the arrival of a built-in stereo microphone finally!. However, the biggest change for users is the new screen, as the swivel LCD is now touch-sensitive. Better still it's a capacitive touchscreen that can track movements made with more than one finger, and without you having to press down on the screen surface. On the inside, the sensor has been slightly modified. It's equipped with a phase detection system that boosts the autofocus speed in Live View and video modes. This has been optimised for use with a new generation of 'STM' lenses with a specially designed stepper AF motor. Display TFT 3" swivel Lens Focal length 18-55 mm, Focal Length (35mm)29-88 mm, Focus modes Automatic, Manual, Type of AF TTL phase detection, Minimum focusing distance 25 cm, Illumination F/3.5-5.6, Built-in flash pop-up and external flash Hot-Shoe.

*International Model - Free U.S. adapter and warranty in country of origin included with this device