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Olympus SZ-20 Digital Camera (Black)


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Pitched at the entry-level end of Olympus' Traveller class of cameras, the new SZ-20 enters the point-and-shoot arena with a 12.5 x super wide-angle zoom and rather extensive feature package, set to persuade existing compact users to upgrade. The Olympus SZ-20 is one of the more affordable travel zooms and for the more demanding of photographers this will be noticeable in the quality of its images. In broad daylight we struggled to get a sharp result at maximum telephoto - each subject benefitting from two or three attempts before we were approaching satisfied. If you are patient and considered in your photographic approach then fair enough, but it can be frustrating if going for that spur-of-the moment shot.

*International Model - Free U.S. adapter and warranty in country of origin included with this device