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Samsung WB31F Digital Camera (White)

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Do not be confused by its compact design! Camera Samsung SMART CAMERA WB31F, equipped with all the features inherent in a full-size cameras are so compact that it easily fits in the palm of your hand. 24 mm wide-angle lens with a 10x zoom lens provides high quality images and videos in HD. Easily connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network using the touch interface Hybrid Touch User Interface - a great opportunity to easily share memorable photos and videos with friends and family.

Discover the benefits of regime support wireless access to Wi-Fi networks and the availability of sophisticated features in the camera, SMART CAMERA. You can quickly connect to Wi-Fi networks, and using functions AutoShare , Social Sharing, Cloud, email, AllShare Play and PC Auto Backup you get the chance to share your photos and videos with friends and family. In addition, the camera has a useful built-in applications, including Software Upgrade Notifier (Notification of an updated version of the firmware), Samsung SMART CAMERA App (Application for SMART camera), MobileLink and Remote Viewfinder (Remote Viewfinder) that allow you to connect the camera to your phone and tablet.

24mm ultra wide-angle lens with 10x zoomThe whole world in your frame. 24-mm wide-angle lens will remove the huge Tudor palace at close range, with its help you can also easily remove the spectacular scenic panoramas with coverage greater than the angle of view of your eyes. 10x optical zoom can capture the smallest details from a distance, you'll be able to get a clear picture of the clock, of a high tower or take pictures of exotic birds in the reserve.

Supporting camera connectivity Wi-Fi, you can send pictures of soy to your mobile phone, which facilitates the exchange of shots and create their backups. Configure once and the camera mode AutoShare keep this mode as the default mode. AutoShare feature also allows you to install the GPS tags for the images on your smartphone.

Using the Motion Photo ("Live snapshot"), you can freeze time and get amazing pictures. Take a picture of his friend's dancing, while standing around him people would still like sculpture - just like in a Hollywood blockbuster. Just take a picture, and then circle the area on the display where you want to capture the action. The picture outside of this area, "freeze" - it's that easy!

*International Model - Free U.S. adapter and warranty in country of origin included with this device