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Samsung EB-L1F2KVK 2000mAh Extended Battery & Back Cover for GSM Galaxy Nexus

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Introducing the Genuine Samsung Battery 2000mAh & Back Cover for Google Galaxy Nexus. It's a larger 2000 mAh battery pack which gives you a few more hours of use in exchange for a little extra bulk. (and we mean little).

Original High Capacity Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus will provide greater autonomy to your Galaxy Nexus

You can not always recharge your smartphone when you need it, so it is always advisable to carry a spare battery, especially when you travel and use the phone much.

Samsung batteries are designed to operate optimally with your device and ensure that it remains active for longer and the battery supports an optimal number of loads.

Also this battery incorporates the new NFC chip.


Status New
Capacity 2000mAh
Quantity 1 pcs
Manufactured by Made in Korea
Model No EB-L1F2KVK

*The required Back Cover is included in this offer.